Black Creek Brewery-Series


video, motion graphics, illustration


Storyboarding: Elizabeth Oakley, Enrique Guzman

Filming/Editing/Graphics: Enrique Guzman

Black Creek Brewery Label Artwork: Carrie Archer

Beer of the Month Illustrations: Enrique Guzman


Toronto and Region Conservation Authority


Black Creek Historic Brewery (2009—2018) produced beer the old fashioned, 1860s way. Over the course of the Brewery's operating season, which ran from May to November, it would make available whenever possible, due to availability of ingredients, a beer of the month. The beer was produced in limited quantities, using locally grown ingredients. And while visitors toured the Brewery, for a small fee they could sample the beer, or purchase a take home growler. This series was created to promote the beer of the month.

May's Beeer of the Month

July's Beeer of the Month

August's Beeer of the Month

September's Beeer of the Month

October's Beeer of the Month